Brilliant Branding Design, Perfect Packaging Design and more

Soft, sporty, strong, natural, contemporary...

A brand is not just a logo, but the logo is one of the most important parts! A great brand logo design involves creating a symbol, wordmark, or a combination of the two which personifies the company, it’s range of products, or services. Our brand logo design concepts are unique and made to measure like an expertly tailored suit.

Pickle Studio’s high quality food packaging design.

The Cotswold Hare superior convenience meals are aimed at fast paced, high disposable income professionals. Made with locally sourced produce and slow cooked, these meals are a cut above the rest and required distictively different branding and packaging design to match.

Tasty Branding

for vegetarian supremo… Pickle create branding and packaging design for ‘Naked Kitchen’. Our adaptable Brand mark has a very strong integral presence on pack, forming a window into the ingredients. To see more of our concepts for this project take a look at the case study under the ‘what we do’ tab.

Perfect Pickle Prospectus.

Swindon College asked Pickle Studio to create a new engaging prospectus for 2018, with the theme of ‘so many choices’. We created a design that echoed this sentiment, communicating with potential students in a chatty, friendly and informative way.

Creative Party Makeup...

Glitters, nail polishes, lipsticks, face paints and body crayons – we have been working with Moon Creations to create branding and fantastic packaging design for their range of boxsets. Each range is individual, with a different colour palette and graphic personality.

Go Glittery...

Moon Creations asked Pickle Studio to produce packaging design for their sub-range of Moon Glitter themed glitter boxsets. Whilst ensuring that they fitted within the brand guidelines, we created inspirational sparkly designs that are loved.

Passionate about driving...

Classic Tracks wanted to be in a different visual gear to other ‘track experience’ brands who target super-car speed junkies. Pickle Studio were briefed to produce branding, website, adverts and promotional items that had a premium, vintage/retro feel with a modern twist and would appeal to upmarket 30-60 year old classic car enthusiasts.

A fresh design.

Working with Creative Director Mark Glynne-Jones, Pickle Studio created a simple yet effective identity and brand design style for Nature’s Premium Organic vegetable boxes to be sold online through Ocado. The ‘duck egg blue’ and loose illustrative linework bring a contemporary quality to the rustic earthy brown box packaging design.

Branding Design

Pickle Pumps...

Goff’s Brewery wanted a brand identity and pump clip design for their new range of monthly craft beers ‘Jester’. The design follows the medieval theme of their core range, Jester branding features a bold font with cheeky flourish embelishments, set on a harlequin style background which changes colour each month.


Creating the right mood.

Aimed at appealing to spa owners and managers, this sensual brochure design showcases the spa essentials product range from Bristol based aromatherapy experts Amphora Aromatics. Rich earthy colours, warm skin tones and classic refined typography combine to create a relaxing indulgent ambiance.

Branding Design Amphora Aromatics Spa brochure by Pickle Studio

Healthy and cool.....

bridging the gap ‘Great Stuff’ food brand are both! Mega attitude, energetic branding design style and alien character ‘AL’ engage with both kids and parents, communicating product attributes through speech and thought bubbles. Great Stuff – great packaging design!

Branding Design Great Stuff

Pure, natural & gorgeous.....

Pickle Studio believe that often ‘less is more’, it’s certainly true in this case. Pickle Studio has created a strong elegant branding design for organic skincare brand – Nádúr, incorporating natural forms and silhouettes of clover leaves which give a subtle link to Nádúr’s Irish heritage. The colour palette of warm slate contrasting with the soft aqua and white echo the product’s luxurious attributes.


Branding Design Nadur

AHHHHHH!..... Totally refreshing AND fabulously fruity.

The majority of fizzy drinks have a bad reputation, with little fruit content and lots of nasty sugars, sweeteners and colourings. Fiza bucks this trend, yes there really is 1 of your 5-a-day in each can! Pickle Studio have given Fiza a contemporary and fun personality with mass market appeal. Our packaging design promotes the ‘100% fruit juice’ claim and illustrates this with a kaleidoscope of fruitiness just waiting to burst out.

Fiza Branding Design

Showering perfection...

Heroic product photography against black captures the power and steamy warmth of a Mira shower! Working as consultant alongside the Cheltenham based Mira Showers design team Pickle produced the packaging design, photographic art-direction and artwork for the latest generation of Mira Showers packaging.

Mira Showers Branding Design

Hire My Outfit...

In order to grow her business Jude wanted branding that oozed quality, was unique and able to be trademarked…. in her words “it had to be Audrey Hepburn”. Pickle Studio created branding that was feminine and classic-contemporary without being overly high fashion.  Jude is over the moon with the results.

Successful operation....

PanMed specialize in the research and development of interventional radiology and kyphoplasty products. Pickle Studio, Cheltenham were asked to create brochures for them with a clean simple look that would communicate their passion for cutting edge technology at the forefront of the medical industry.

Lovely Packaging Design.

Bath based ‘All Things Liquorice’ asked Pickle Studio to create branding and packaging design for their confectionery range. They wanted a simple, striking design that communicated quality –  appealing to both kids and adults. The generic bags with heart shaped window area and product name overprinting worked a treat and are really loved.

A modern approach to medicine...

Liberty Organics required contemporary branding and packaging design, website and promotional materials for their new brand of high quality CBD products. Our clean minimalist, yet strong design features a brand logo with refined typography together with hemp leaf graphic icon. Adaptable overlapping leaf shapes create a striking graphic on packaging to denote flavour.