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The Road Ahead

8th February 2019
‘Miles Better’ offer a service to improve fuel economy, power or a smoother driving experience by altering the settings in the vehicle’s brain or ECU.... They connect their computer to a vehicle, download information, technicains then develop a bespoke engine map (maximising fuel economy or performance) which is then uploaded back to the vehicle. With a product and service that is traditionally targeted to the male specialist field ‘Miles Better’ wanted branding aimed at a broader market, presenting itself as trustworthy, approachable and reassuring. The warm colours and simplicity of the brand logo Pickle created has a friendly feel, the clever star device also contains a directional arrow. Supporting imagery features a in-vehicle drivers view, cropping tightly on the dashboard to keep the vehicle type non-specific. The road ahead panorama has a warm feel, the colours complementing the brand logo.