Moon Creations Mystic Boxset & Clam packs_blog

New packaging designs for Moon Creations

15th February 2019
Pickle Studio have been busy creating new boxset and clamshell packaging design for Moon Creations - 25 new boxsets are planned to be launched in 2019. Designs utilise the brand style and assets Pickle Studio created for Moon Creations in 2017. The ‘Mystic’ range of colour blended glitters (2 of which are pictured) boast new ‘Mystic’ sub-branding. The ‘y’ of the scripty typestyle, swirls around and breaks into a magical sparkle effect which links to the product title.  

Miles Better_Blog

The Road Ahead

8th February 2019
‘Miles Better’ offer a service to improve fuel economy, power or a smoother driving experience by altering the settings in the vehicle’s brain or ECU.... They connect their computer to a vehicle, download information, technicains then develop a bespoke engine map (maximising fuel economy or performance) which is then uploaded back to the vehicle. With a product and service that is traditionally targeted to the male specialist field ‘Miles Better’ wanted branding aimed at a broader market, presenting itself as trustworthy, approachable and reassuring. The warm colours and simplicity of the brand logo Pickle created has a friendly feel, the clever star device also contains a directional arrow. Supporting imagery features a in-vehicle drivers view, cropping tightly on the dashboard to keep the vehicle type non-specific. The road ahead panorama has a warm feel, the colours complementing the brand logo.

Biltong Artisan stand_1_Pickle

The Biltong Artisan

17th July 2018
Pickle Studio, Cheltenham were asked to produce a rustic styled brand identity, that could be applied onto small packaging labels and business cards, to huge banners and festival flags. This was branding back to it’s roots where it was simply a way to tell one person’s cattle from another’s by means of a hot iron stamp - quite fitting considering the product! The Biltong Artisan will be selling their products at festivals and fairs around the Cotswolds this summer.


The Cotswold Hare

22nd February 2018
The Cotswold Hare superior convenience meals are aimed at fast paced, high disposable income professionals. Made with locally sourced produce and slow cooked, these meals are a cut above the rest and required distinctively different branding and packaging design by Cheltenham's Pickle Studio to match.


Passionate about branding

7th December 2017
Classic Tracks wanted to be in a different visual gear to other ‘track experience’ brands who target super-car speed junkies. Pickle Studio were briefed to produce branding, that had a premium, vintage/retro feel with a modern twist and would appeal to upmarket 30-60 year old classic car enthusiasts.